The first-ever facial recognition technology to screen guests & combat chargebacks

Facial Recognition

It wasn’t long ago where the concept of facial recognition was a technology of the future, but now it’s in your hands.

We’ve built the first-ever facial recognition technology to screen guests and prevent fraudulent chargebacks.

Simplicity was what we had in mind when we made the flow of this software. The second a guest makes a reservation, our identity automation process begins.

A text and/or email gets sent to the guest taking them to a verification portal with your company logo and name white-labeled on the page.

From there, the guest submits their selfie and a legal document (driver license, legal ID, or passport) and through the use of AI-driven geometric facial-recognition, we match the guests face to their ID and scan the document for modified pixels revealing if the ID was fake and/or modified in an way.

The end result for your team is the verification status. Was the guest verified? Is the ID real? Is it a stolen ID? Leave that to our software.

Prevent fraud and chargebacks and let your team focus on more productive tasks.