Guest FAQs

Guest ranger is a software that property managers use to prevent and avoid fraudulent transactions.

1-in-15 Americans are reported to be targeted for identity fraud.

This rate increases as the technology that criminals are using does too. 

In order to combat that, we have to fight technology with technology. 

By using Guest Ranger, the property manager is protected from booking a fraudulent reservation and the person whose information that was submitted in the reservation is also protected by making sure their information was not used for fraud-related purposes.

One of the most effective ways of preventing fraud is by verifying the identity of the person making the reservation. 


The most powerful way of doing that is by checking the legitimacy of the document provided and by matching the face of the guest to the picture on the ID. By doing this, we are able to effectively combat fraud using artificial intelligence and facial recognition. 

The data is protected in a hash-encrypted vault following data security standards including GDPR. Data-input in the vault is encrypted in a two-way function where information is scrambled using an encryption key and unscrambled later using a decryption key. On top of that, we use hashing to add an extra layer of security using a one-way function where a unique message digest is generated from an input file or a string of text. No keys are used.


To simply put it, your data is secure using up-to-date encryption technology.


No, your data is not sold to any third-party, it’s simply used for identity verification and identity check.

Please check with your property manager as there may be alternate means to complete ID verification.

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