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The leading fraud prevention software for short-term rentals

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Guest Ranger has given our verification process a whole new layer of professionalism and efficiency, all the while providing us peace of mind knowing our guests are properly screened before staying.


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Urban Nashville Vacation Rentals

Verify your guest in 3 seconds or less

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It’s hard to be beat an accuracy score of 99% if you’re trying to commit fraud.

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Verification Length

There’s not much you can do in 6 seconds, but your customers can get an approved verification that fast.

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Verified on the First try

Thanks to Assisted Image Capture, your users take perfect verification photos on the first try, meaning less resubmissions.

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Document Coverage

We can match people with their government-issued IDs from all over the world, helping fight fraud and remain KYC compliant.

Our Products

Facial Recognition​

We use AI to match the images of your user’s government issued ID and their selfie to make sure they’re a real person while also screening for fake IDs.

Automated Identity Verification

We’ve partnered with data warehouses to build a tool that gives you the power to verify the relationships between the name, address and phone of your users..

Fake ID Check

The first ever property-management-side user review database. Identify problematic guests before they become a liability.

Age Minimum Check

Guest Ranger is able to identify requests that don’t fit your age-minimum and notify you instantly.

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